Woman of Valor

It's a guest postful weekend!

Following up on yesterday's post as part of the Women in Ministry Series, I have the extreme honor today to share on Rachel Held Evans blog as part of her Woman of Valor series. Rachel has long been one of my favorite bloggers, and I feel truly blessed and privileged to share on her blog today. But more than that, I am extremely blessed to share with you and her readers a small snippet of the time I shared with my Portland neighbor Shirley - a woman of valor.


It was our usual Wednesday night gathering.

We gathered at Sister Shirley’s, filling her small living room with our presence. Our church life group.

The place was rich with the aromas of hot off the stove soul food. The kind of soul food steeped in butter and rich in Southern hospitality—Southern hospitality in the middle of Portland, Oregon.

Like she did every day, Ms. Shirley woke at four in the morning, went to work, worked a gruelling shift and came home tired to her great granddaughter, all of four years old and full of spunk and sass.

Wednesdays made for especially long days, when coming home meant spunk and sass plus cooking and preparing her home to receive.

But Sister Shirley wouldn’t have it any other way. (Continue reading...)