Welcome Home

It’s time for a home warming party. Welcome to my family compound. The incomplete house in the center is the future home of my host family. I live in the small sand-brick house on the far right.

Family Compound

This is my house. Just the perfect size with two small rooms.

My House

The first room I have set up as a kitchen area. The small electric stove is a loner from my organization. The large yellow bucket in the corner is where I store my water, and the blue bucket serves as the kitchen sink. I’ve been keeping myself busy with lots of little projects like the suspension systems for my pots, mugs and plates.

The Kitchen

The second room is set up as the bedroom, office, living room and bathroom.

The bedroom:

The Bedroom

The office:

The Office

The bathroom: (The make-shift shower is a great improvement over bucket-bathing.)

The Bathroom

Outside are the washer and dryer:

The Washing Machine
The Dryer

And let’s not forget the toilet:

The Pit Latrine
The Throne

You can see a few more pictures over on my Flickr page.