Three Valentines

This year I received three Valentines.

One: The annual box of chocolates and cheesilly sweet card from my parents. (It simply wouldn't be Valentines without it.)

Two: A second box of chocolates from our server at the Indian restaurant the gals and I went to for our celebration of friendship and each other. (I guess they must have been giving them out to all the single ladies.)

Three: This Facebook message from a friend who once gave my writing the best compliment it's ever received:


I've missed blogging too.

I've missed the feel of the words flowing from my brain to my fingertips.

I've missed how the words drift about in my head and somehow seem to align themselves in perfect order, saying things I never imagined I could say.

I've missed the practice of it - the habit building goodness of it.

I've missed how alive I feel when I write.

I've missed how at one I feel with the Creator God when I write.


After taking my week off to write simply for myself and my Audience of One, work went from moderately busy to crazy busy.

For a month, I've been carrying a case load almost double what I'm supposed to average. It's meant scaling back on a lot of things - especially things which require much head space.

It's meant giving myself purposeful timeouts and purposeful moments of rest. It's meant coming home and doing the most important tasks for the day-to-day and leaving others for another time. It's meant spending less time here so I can give my best to those who are near and deserve the best Amanda I can be.

Thankfully, in the last week, I've begun finding more balance in the busyness and, I hope, am beginning to manage it better. I also know we're on the cusp of a slow down with referrals coming in a bit slower than in week's prior. Hopefully within a week or two, my caseload will be down to a more manageable level.

I also know a slow down means meeting with you here more often. Because I do, I really do, miss you.

But in the mean time, be a little patient with me. I'll be back with you soon.