The 5th of September 2013

Totally Worth the Wait!

Totally Worth the Wait!

The 5th of September 2013.

Today is the day when we sat before the magistrate - hand in hand - and heard these words:

"She is now legally your child as if she had been born to you."

Both of us, huge smiles on our faces; my eyes glistening with tears.

From this moment forward no one in all the world can say any different. No one can separate us. No one can keep us from being the family we have been all along.

This is my child without pseudonyms, without reminders about confidentiality, without any veils of any kind.

The curtain on our life as a family has been drawn back, and I can say with total confidence in its validity and truth, this is my child.

This is my child Caroline Jean Peterson.

Caroline given to her by her birth mother. Jean the name of my maternal grandmother. Peterson the name of her family.

Caroline Jean Peterson. My daughter.

With the Magistrate just after becoming a family.

With the Magistrate just after becoming a family.