Roar, Mama Heart, Roar!

"Are you military?" the ticket agent asked.

"No," I replied with a quizzical look.

"Oh. Because your ticket is void which happens a lot with military. Actually there's four entries here and they all seem to be void."

"They can't be. I have my confirmation right here."

He continues to type and stare at the monitor. I try to remain calm and look up at Andy for reassurance.

"This is not happening. Please tell me this is not happening," I say to Andy.

In my head, my mama heart is roaring. You will not keep me from my child. I will come across this ticket counter and choke the life out of you if you try to keep me from my child. You will find my ticket and issue my boarding pass or else.

Some minutes pass. He walks off to consult with something or someone in the office behind the counter. He returns. "We've got it figured out. I'm just printing your boarding pass now."

Hugh sigh of relief and thanksgiving.


I'm now laid over at DFW, awaiting my second flight to Dubai - my mama heart still roaring.


Roaring as I said goodbye to friends and family yesterday, tucking their well-wishes deep in my heart.

Roaring as I settled into my bed last night - the last night in a house with an empty bed in the room next to mine.

Roaring as I woke at 4:30 this morning - before the alarm could chime.

Roaring as I moved about the house, packing last things and preparing first things for our homecoming.

Roaring as I crossed out the very last item on the year and a half  long to do list, "travel".

Roaring as I held Andy's hand on the drive from the house to the airport.

Roaring as I received my boarding pass.

Roaring as I kissed Andy goodbye and weaved my way through TSA compliance.

Roaring as we soared over the miles from Lubbock to Dallas.

Roaring as I exchanged my dollars for rands.

Roaring. Roaring.

My mama heart, it roars.

Louder and deeper as the time and distance grow shorter.

My mama heart, it roars, so I say to it:

Roar, mama heart, roar!

Roar with all your might. Roar with the power of the hope and the lament and every moment of the waiting. Roar deep and loud and fully. Roar as you have longed to and waited to and wanted to.

Roar, mama heart, roar!

Roar as you have never roared before.