Moving Our Story

The house which perfectly meets Andy's need for open concept and my need for vintage quirky.

In January, we bought a house.

The perfect house for our starter family.

A beautiful two story, ranch-style home built in the 1960's. We love it.

But until a week-and-a-half from now, Caroline and I have not gotten the chance to live in it. We've been waiting. Waiting for the marriage vows. Waiting and wishing and refurbishing and getting it ready for the day we move in.

We officially started the packing process a few days ago after all the wedding projects were finished - all the Pinterest-inspired, aren't-these-beautiful, hot-gluey, my-fingers-are-bleeding, oh-why-did-I-ever-join-Pinterest-but isn't-our-wedding-going-to-be-beautiful projects.

It's been a weird process for all of us, especially Caroline who has never moved house before. She keeps pointing at things and asking if we're taking it to, "Yes, Caroline everything is coming with us." For me, the two years I've lived in my grandmother's former home have been the longest I have lived anywhere in the last fourteen years. I've actually lived two full years in one place. It's a monumental feet, having moved at least once a year every year for the previous twelve years. The closest I've come was the year-and-a-half I lived in my box in Johannesburg.

This place is full of emotion and memory. It's full of sweet remembrances of my grandmother, remembrances which somehow seem all the sweeter since my paternal grandmother, and only living grandparent has taken a sudden downturn in the last several months. It's full of waiting, waiting for Caroline to come home. It's full of first moments as Caroline launched into a new family and a new world. It's full of romance and joining together as Andy and I met and fell in love and as he and Caroline discovered family in each other. It's full of life and togetherness, love and laughter, tears and heartache, riches beyond measure.

I've loved every place I've lived in over the past fourteen years in one way or another (OK, maybe not the dorm rooms or my first apartment or that one apartment which flooded in Colorado Springs). But this place - this place might be the one I will cherish most. The one which will stay with me forever as the place of our story.

I couldn't be more excited to move into our new home. I will love it too. I do love it. It will soon be full of memories and laughter and love and tears and heartache and all of those things. But I will always remember fondly, the beginnings of our life together in the duplex.