In Which I Share About My Spiritual Fathers

Following up on last week's post in which I shared the names of some of my spiritual mothers, I wanted to take the time to honor a few of my spiritual fathers as well - men who stand among the congregation of the saints applauding my journey towards knowing Christ more and towards following after him with something that sometimes looks like reckless abandonment and will, I hope, look more and more like reckless abandonment.

There's no other place to start than with my own father who has prayed and pursued God even when the path forward seemed very uncertain. My grandfather and his servant's heart. Uncle Michael. Eric Opton - youth pastor, mentor and friend. Mike Martin, Foy Kirkpatrick and Don Williams.  My brother-in-law Jake. My college pastor Tim. Professor and advisor Bill Culp. Randy Harris and Mike Cope. Ben Hines. Ike, Steve and Lanny. Andrew Martin and Adam Wolfgang. Kerry Lowery. Brian and James and Brett. Elias Mashishi and Pastor Bethuel. James Hughes. Grant, Fitz and Chris.

My writer fathers who have encouraged me to think deeper and write better: Henry David Thoreau, Charles Dickens, CS Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning, Dallas Willard, Donald Miller, Bob Goff, Jeremy StattonEd CyzewskiShawn Smucker.

My biblical fathers whose own wonderings have taught me to wonder and who have been examples of faith and belief and a God-ward life: Abraham, Jacob and his son Joseph, Joshua, King David and his descendant Josiah, Asaph, Jeremiah the weeping prophet, Isaiah and Hosea, Peter, Paul, James the brother of Jesus, John the one Jesus loved, Mark, Phillip and Aquilla.

My historical fathers whose stories we tell to remind ourselves of a God who does not forsake us: St. Augustine and his confessions, St. Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, George Muller, Jonathan Edwards, William Wilberforce, Fredrick Douglass, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Just to name a few.

But there's so many more. So many names forgotten. So many men known for an instance. So many life changers and life shapers standing as a great cloud of witnesses.

I want to stand as witness today to their lives, to their faith, to their contribution to the me I am.

What about you, who are your spiritual fathers?

Share their names below in the comments or write your own post and put a link to it below.