The Incredible Everyday, Wedding edition

Every few months, I put together a list of the things in life I'm loving at the moment (or in some cases just liking a whole lot). It's about practicing thanksgiving, celebrating the big and small and enjoying the incredible everyday. 

Thanks to my cousin Julie for posting this great photo!

Being Mrs. Andy McAfee.

Celebrating my grandmother's homecoming and rejoicing that her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were together at her moment of passing.

My maid of honor Emily's advice to me before all the hubbub started, "It's just not that serious. It's a great thing, but it's just not that serious. The only thing that serious is your salvation."

My bridesmaids Jill, Emily and Laura Beth helping me pee in a wedding dress, twice, and my sweet, little niece's face with her eww gross when she followed us into the bathroom the first time - true devotion and true repulsion.

My friend Alasha's I'll-handle-this, you-will-not-be-a-stressed-out-bride, should-get-paid-to-do-this coordination of our wedding.

Walking down the aisle with my father as we squeezed our hands tight, celebrating, remembering and believing.

A vision of my grandparents' reunion as I vowed to my husband to be there on our last day on earth together and to meet him at heaven's gates.

Sharing in a covenant of salt with my beloved daughter and my beloved husband.

Greeting, hugging and enjoying all of our guests.

Steve leading an impromptu moment of worship during our wedding reception.

A letter from dear Auntie Bev in South Africa - a surprise and a joy to have our South African family represented at the wedding.

Blowing a kiss out the window to Caroline as we drove off.

The staff at the Baker Building who went above and beyond to make our day special. Our cake-cutter even pulled me aside to help me with a makeup smudge.

The extraordinary work of Erin and Damon West. They make photo shoots feel as natural and easy as a polaroid camera at a family birthday party.

The Cakery for our very tasty wedding cakes and very, very cool confectionary creations. I never imagined I would be immortalized in fondant.

The beautiful bouquets and arrangements from Devault Floral and their willingness to work with a Pinterest bride who thought paper roses from an old family bible would be a fun and easy DIY. They weren't but they were beautiful.

Murray Gold's "Clara?", Gungor's "Beautiful Things", The Muppets' "Life's A Happy Song", Over the Rhine's "I Want You to Be My Love" and my dad's rendition of "Unchained Melody" which all stand out in my head as beautiful moments in our beautiful wedding.

Our friends Trey, Julie and Denise and the way they pitched in to help with music, scripture readings and registries.

The fingerprint tree my brother-in-law drew for us and all of our guests fingerprints to remember the day by. And my brother-in-law again for understanding bride-brain, the effects of which caused him more challenges than anyone else.

My new mother-in-law and sisters-in-law for being the kind and generous people they are and leaving the reception early to help set-up Andy's surprises for the honeymoon suite.

Hugging my mother one more time before we made our exit.

Tooling around Santa Fe with my beloved on our post-wedding getaway. Honeymooning to be scheduled sometime later in the year after Andy's knee surgery.

Stumbling upon Serets - a literal treasure trove of beautiful pieces from Afghanistan, India and all-over the world. Beautiful, expensive and a possible great travesty. We actually said used the line, "It belongs in a museum!" Or at least the country of origin.

Accidentally taking an 8 mile detour on a jeep trail through Hyde Memorial State Park.

Coming home to our beautiful daughter, our dog, our guinea pig and our new home.