The Incredible Everyday, September 2013 edition

Every few months, I put together a list of the things in life I'm loving at the moment (or in some cases just liking a whole lot). It's about practicing thanksgiving, celebrating the big and small and enjoying the incredible everyday. But this month, I'm doing things a little differently as I share about looking forward to the incredible everyday of life with my daughter Caroline and update you a bit on where we are in the adoption process.


Monday with the court order finally in hand, we spent our afternoon at home affairs completing stage one of the three stage process which will bring us home to the US.

Stage one: applying for a name change and a new identity number to go with the new name - equivalent to a Social Security number in the States.

Stage two: applying for new abridged and unabridged birth certificates with her new details. We're hoping to have the new details in the next few days so we can apply for the birth certificates.

Stage three: applying for a temporary and a permanent passport and scheduling a visa interview with the US Consulate - what I'm told is the easiest and fastest of the three stages.

If we can complete stages one and two and receive her temporary passport, we should be able to leave South Africa on schedule. If not, we'll need to be here a bit longer until those processes are complete.

We're motivated to get everything done on time, but are also aware - like with the vast majority of the adoption process - these things are really out of our hands.

So after completing and turning in forms, we wait. We visit friends, we watch movies, we read books, we play, we shop, we invent fun activities to fill our time until we receive word a stage is complete and it's time to start the next.

And then we wait some more.

Although I'm thoroughly enjoying my time in this place that I love with people who I love - I'm longing for normalcy.

I'm ready for routine. I'm ready for the regular life of a family. I'm ready for knowing, or generally knowing, what the day holds. I'm ready for the incredible everyday which is life together - at home, at school, at work, at play.

I'm ready for normalcy.

So the challenge is to create a bit of normalcy in the non-normal of our life right now - to create a bit of routine where there is no routine.

Right now we're managing to create routine in how we wake and how we get ready for bed. We're also trying to create a plan for each day ahead of time so we know what's coming. We know we're going to see our friends Sioux and James, or we're going to dinner with Auntie Louise, or we're going to the shops to pick up needed items, or we're driving to Mmametlhake for a visit. I think it helps both of us get through the day.

I know normalcy will come soon enough. I know soon enough we'll be back in Texas missing our friends and family in South Africa. I know this is a time to be enjoyed and cherished.

I do think we're both enjoying this time, but we're also both ready for the life together we know is coming - the incredible everyday waiting just around the corner.

So we peep around the corner, talking about what life will be like - what her new school will be like, what she'll play with her cousins, how she'll make friends, what church will be like, the hugs she'll give Nana and Grandad. It keeps us motivated. It keeps us going until we make the turn and find the corner behind us and the incredible everyday before us.