The Incredible Everyday, March 2013 edition

About every three months, I put together a list of the things in life I'm loving (or in some cases just liking a whole lot) at the moment. It's about practicing thanksgiving, celebrating the big and small and enjoying the incredible every day.

In case you didn't catch last week's post, I'm starting off the list with The Walking Dead for it's captivating story line and fascinating social commentary.

My new church home for bringing me back into community and reminding me again what it means to be vulnerable and open to others.

The debut album from The Lone Bellow for it's NYC country charm.

Following all the news and speculation around the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

Learning about diligence and what it takes to practice diligence in my life.

Reading Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist and remembering why he will always be one my favorite authors.

Bon Jovi for coming to Lubbock. (Yes, I'm cheesy like that and can't wait to see my first crush in concert.)

Walking by Hannah's* room and seeing it ready and waiting for her arrival.

Having a little time to write again after a few months of needing to use my time in this space for others.

Taking the cliff dive and learning to trust again through the fears and the doubts and the unknowns.

The 10th anniversary addition of Relevant Magazine for a well put together anniversary edition and all the amazing articles they've written over those years.

Palo Duro Canyon for being a wilderness worth exploring in the unfortunately flat West Texas landscape. 

Lazy Saturday mornings for being a welcome moment of rest in my overly busy schedule.

News about a two year old girl functionally cured of HIV - it's early days yet, but it could lead to other good news.

And to make it all wrap up nice and neat, I'll end the list with Warm Bodies for being an astonishingly heart-warming tale about overcoming stigma and prejudice.

*Hannah is a pseudonym. In order to protect her identity until she is fully and legally mine, I use "Hannah" in all online activity regarding my someday daughter and her adoption.


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