Colorful Colorado

So there is much more to life right now than writing papers. Would I say that I am settled into life in Colorado? Well, yeah, I think I would. Would I say that I like it here? Yes, yes, I do. Here's some highlights of life in Colorado:

  • Hiking. Lots and lots of hiking in lots and lots of beautiful places.
  • Snow. It snows here. Twice in the last week. But not to the point that the roads are impossible and you feel trapped inside, which I would not enjoy.
  • Work. Yeah, I still love my job.
  • Bookfairs. One of my favorite aspects to my job. I get to help schools and literary nonprofits raise money.
  • Kids events. I get to play with kids and spend time creating crafts, coming up with games, and have fun finding cool, cheap stuff at the dollar store.
  • My online class. Love it. No doubt, there will be posts coming on what I am learning in this class. Friday night Bible Study. Lovin' the college and career crew at church. Lovin' being challenged to go deeper with this group of people.
  • The people I work with, the people I go to church with, the people I go to class with. Lots of good, good people, that God is using in my life in various ways.
  • God. Yeah, He's doing some pretty stinkin' amazing things in my life right now which I hope to share with you all soon!

So how's colorful Colorado? It's great!