The Incredible Everyday, February 2015 edition

Every few months, I put together a list of the things in life I'm loving at the moment (or in some cases just liking a whole lot). It's about practicing thanksgiving, celebrating the big and small and enjoying the incredible everyday. 


The new album from the Lone Bellow for its sophomoric perfection.

My Clear app for helping me organize and balance all my lists in a very easy to manage way.

Working our way through Jillian Michaels Body Revolution with my husband and daughter. (Who knew, group exercise can be fun! Especially when it's with your little family.)

Writing for work and getting to share amazing stories of people and places who are affecting community in a positive way. 

Putting finishing touches here and there on our house. It's taken us a full year to really get moved in, but I'm so pleased with the outcome. 

The Lose It! app for being incredible positive motivation as I try to achieve more balance in my health this year.

Not going to lie, and please don't judge, my iPhone 6. I've never cared about a phone before, but I love everything about this phone. 

The mornings I manage to get up at 6:15 to spend some time with my Beloved in prayer and Word and to write words of my own down. 

Watching Caroline struggle through self-discovery and make decisions about what kind of person she wants to be and who she wants to surround herself with. 

Our new antenna which lets us get local stations to compliment our Netflix and Amazon Prime binges. 

I should say Amazon Prime, as well, because it made Christmas shopping so much easier this year. 

Watching Caroline go from girl who can dance to ballerina as her core tightens and her body gets stronger (thanks, Jillian). 

Andy getting to work in Lubbock a lot more lately and spending less full weeks working in Midland. 

Adjusting to married life. It's been incredibly hard but well worth it and often a lot of fun (once you get past the squabble). 

Figuring out how to do first things first. To set priorities for the day and actually accomplish them. To not leave little piles of to-do stuff everywhere, but to actually do them. 

The Serial podcast (no new episodes right now but certainly worth a binge listen for the first season) for absolute perfection in podcasting and showing what this medium can be and should be. 

The little moments in the everyday when I'm trying to do just what I'm doing now and be grateful for all my wondrous blessings.