I'm rusty.

It's been a bit since I've written my thoughts, my feelings, the bits I'm learning, the areas I'm growing.

The majority of my writing creativity these days goes towards my job. I'm happy for it go there. Writing is one of the things I do best, and I'm happy to lend the gift I've been given. Especially happy when I can say I love my job, and I'm blessed to get to do what I do.

But I'm rusty at this. I'm rusty at you and me.

In the days since we last talked, I got married. We buried my grandmother's ashes next to my grandfather. We bought and remodeled a house. Andy had knee surgery. Caroline and I celebrated one year as a family. I celebrated six months (and now nine months) at my new job. Caroline was a mouse in the Nutcracker (she was the cutest mouse there ever was). And lots of other small and big things.

They've been busy days which perhaps are slowing a little, or more likely, I'm doing a better job of balancing them and finding space for the things which bring me balance. I'm learning to value what's most important, like putting chores on hold to take Barbie on an adventure and turning off the television to discuss both the trivial and the meaningful with my husband. It's the balance of being a good mom, a good wife and a good disciple - of placing those most important things over everything else.

I'm rusty at it, but I'm hopeful at it, too.

So I'm starting something fresh over here at this new space. I'm writing my thoughts down again. I'm chatting with you, and maybe here we'll learn some together and grow some together. Maybe here we'll share our stories and add our voices to The Story.

Bear with me as there are still quite a few things which still need to be transfered from the old website. I'm in process on it, but I'm finally realizing that being in the process of creating is far more important than being in process of transferring old websites to new. So the website is a work in progress just like me.

Thank you for your patience, dear reader, I'll talk to you again soon.