I am officially a resident of "Colorful Colorado" (the unofficial state slogan which will be displayed on the new state quarter). What does being a resident mean for me? Well, for starters, it means that I have a job and a home. I am no longer in the ranks of the homeless and unemployed.

Yesterday, Barnes and Noble at the Citadel (an area mall) offered me the community relations manager position. Woohoo! Thanks for all the prayers in this area. I move into my new apartment this weekend and start work on Monday morning with a 7am managers meeting. Lovely welcome!

Top 3 things I like about my new job:
  1. Being able to pay for grad school out of pocket
  2. Using my employee discount to buy books
  3. Full benefits package

Top 3 things I like about my new apartment:
  1. Washer and dryer hook-ups (no more lugging my laundry around)
  2. 5 minutes to work and 10 minutes to school
  3. Cozy wood-burning fireplace that will be great for the winters here (maybe I won't freeze after all!)