Meeting Benjamin

Greetings from Lubbock, Texas! Yes, I made it here safely and last night, I met my nephew for the very first time. My sister cried, I nearly did, and Benjamin let out a few wails of, in my opinion, pure delight at meeting his Aunt!

I have now changed two diapers and rocked him to sleep once. I've changed lots of diapers over the years, but I had more fun changing those two than I know I ever have had before. It could be the diaper rash remedy my sister's pediatritian gave them--one part butt paste, one part Mylanta. Yes, that's right Mylanta. I don't know if it actually works, but in case any of you mom's out there want to give it a try...

So, Benjamin has my sister's nose and dimples (at least we think he has dimples, it's hard to tell yet) and the rest of him is all Jake. He has this great, little mad face when he gets upset that looks exactly like his father. He's also done a few things that remind me of my grandfather. My favorite thing is that when he smiles he kind of smirks like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. I'll post more pictures to Flickr when I get the chance. I'm sure I will take a lot over the next few days!